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Injection Moulding Techniques in Everyday Dental Practice

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Injection Moulding Techniques in Everyday Dental Practice

Hands on Course with Professor Ian Meyers

Date: Friday 14 April 2023 | 9am – 4.30pm
Location: 1 Atchison St. ST Leonards, NSW

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A Clinical Guide to Simplifying Restorative Procedures

Injection moulding techniques (IMT) have gained popularity in clinical dentistry due to their ability to simplify restorative procedures and make outcomes more predictable.

This hands-on workshop will enable participants to gain experience in the use of injection moulding techniques for a range of restorative situations in both anterior and posterior teeth.  It will include a number of technique exercises that can be utilised for the management of direct composite resin veneers, occlusal and interproximal posterior restorations, and the reconstruction of endodontically treated teeth. Numerous clinical tips and tricks on how to achieve improved aesthetic and functional outcomes will be demonstrated and discussed.

Topics include
  • The concepts, materials, and techniques for successful injection moulding in dentistry
  • Anterior composite resin veneers and the advantages of injection moulding
  • Restoration of the endodontically treated tooth, and the compromised tooth
  • Injection moulding versus ‘stamp’ technique, which to use and when
  • Understanding the benefits and limitations of contemporary restorative materials.

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