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Anterior Composite Resins: Shade Selection to Polishing

Presented by Dr. Marcos Vargas


CPD: 1.5 CPD Credits



Composite resin is the most versatile and conservative restorative material for anterior restorations in dentistry. Furthermore, longevity and exquisite esthetics can be achieved predictably when these materials are used in conjunction with modern adhesives and sound techniques. However, dental practitioners face difficulties while bonding and placing these restorations. This presentation will provide tips and techniques for predictable and sensitivity-free bonded restorations in daily practice, it will provide guidelines for shade selection, cavity preparation, layering style, and contouring and polishing to obtain functional and esthetic restorations.


Key Learning Objectives;

  • Understand shade selection for resin composite.
  • Obtain cavity preparation conducive to esthetics.
  • Contour and polish anterior composites restorations.