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Centrix | Flavored Varnish Leaves No Clumps Behind

Part of Centrix’s Prevention For Life movement, FluoroDose is an easy-to-apply and pleasant-tasting fluoride varnish for patients of all ages

What’s high on the list of patient fears? No matter the age, when it comes
to identifying key factors for patient anxiety during dental visits, a good part of the blame rests on the fear of hearing one’s doctor
say, “You have a cavity.” In fact, it’s often the reason why patients put off regular checkups and dental exams, which can jeopardize their oral and overall health. Caries are equally problematic for clinicians, as untreated decay can lead to more serious and costly problems down the road. So, when a product exists that’s proven to be a safe component of caries prevention, it’s a given that it will occupy a sizeable space in many operatory
supply cabinets.