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Mastering Rotary Endodontics | July 2024

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Course Description

Mastering Rotary Endodontics

Hands On Lecture

Event Host by NZDA, Course Code #1360495

Fri, 5th Jul 2024 | 9AM – 5PM NZST

Location: Faculty of Dentistry, University of Otago, 5d Browns Road, Manurewa

Speaker: Dr Peter Cathro MDS, PGCert Tert T., PhD

Endodontics can be a technically demanding aspect of dentistry. However, with the continued advancement of technology, the predictability of treatment can be enhanced, along with your enjoyment in providing it.The aim of this course will be to update participants with some of these advancements and provide useful and practical tips to enhance practitioners confidence when undertaking root canal treatment.

Note: Participants to bring at least 2 extracted molars and wisdom teeth.

Course objectives:

  • Endodontic access and length determination
  • Access (includes anatomy) and negotiation
  • Root length determination and how to optimise the accuracy of the electronic apex locator
  • Microbial control techniques: Chemo-mechanical preparation of the root canal system
  • Root canal preparation with biologically based nickel-titanium techniques with the focus on reciprocation motion
  • Irrigation and Medication: Traditional vs. Contemporary concepts
  • Current Obturation concepts and trends
  • There will be a particular focus on the warm vertical condensation
  • Management of difficult cases


Present by Dr. Peter Cathro MDS, PGCert Tert T., PhD

Upon completion of his specialist training in Endodontics (1994), Peter worked as an endodontist in full time private practice in Melbourne and then in Auckland. Peter later took a position as a Senior Lecturer at Otago University before becoming Head of Discipline at the University of Adelaide for seven years. Peter has returned to Otago University and is an Associate Professor and Head of the Department of Oral Rehabilitation. In addition to teaching undergraduate and post-graduate students, Peter has lectured extensively at international conferences and given numerous endodontic hands-on courses throughout Australia, New Zealand and Asia. Peter completed his PhD in microbiology and his current research interests are in microbial adaptation and endodontic applications of hydroxyapatite. Peter is a reviewer for five peer reviewed journals.

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