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Infection Prevention and Control: Hand Hygiene and Hand Protection in Your Dental Practice

Presented by Cedric Leroy and Silvana Harding

On Demand Webinar!


CPD: 1 point

Session Overview:

This webinar covers essential topics related to Infection Prevention and Control (IPC) principles, emphasizing the significance of proper hand hygiene in minimizing healthcare-associated infections. It includes a review of existing guidelines, an examination of hand hygiene products, with a particular focus on alcohol-based formulations such as surgical rubs, and addresses potential skin reactions associated with hand hygiene, along with strategies for mitigating adverse effects.


“The use of comparison tables was incredibly effective, allowing me to grasp complex information quickly. The current information update kept me in the loop with the latest industry trends, and the glove classification and product details were invaluable for making informed decisions.”

“The revision of content was evident, making it easy to follow, and the relevant material combined with the presenters’ clear delivery made the learning experience enjoyable.”