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Edge Webinar

Improving Single-file Reciprocation Technique Using a New Heat Treated Endodontic Instrument (EdgeOne Fire)

Presented by Dr. Gianluca Gambarini

Date: Tuesday 19 October 

Time: 4:00am – 5:15am AEDT


Join Dr. Gianluca Gambarini, internationally renowned lecturer, professor of endodontics, and practicing endodontist, for a review of strategies to understand and plan anatomically complex cases, using reciprocating instruments. He will discuss the advantages and limitations of different motions, the possibility of combining them for a more efficient and safe instrumentation, the advantages of the heat treatment and mechanical properties of a new, innovative martensitic single file instruments compared with competitors. He will also propose a new clinical approach with a safer and more predictable operative technique (MIMERACI).


Dr. Gambarini will focus on a single file instrumentation technique, including:

  • Comparative analysis of different motors and motions
  • Benefits of new heat treatments for NiTi endodontic instruments
  • Clinical use of instruments with a safer, predictable technique