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Less is More. Minimally Invasive LESS-ons

Presented by Dr. Clarence Tam

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CPD: 1 CPD Hour

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Session Overview:

The delegate will review digital and analog shading techniques for direct and indirect restorations. The need to blend as well as maximize bond strength drives modifications in both preparation and material depending on the intraarch and intratooth position and size. Controlling tooth position especially when balancing spaces with pre-prosthetic orthodontics is critical, especially when a maxillary lateral incisor is involved. Where should the peg lateral be placed for a harmonious result? A predictable freehand approach to recreation of the lingual and proximal frames will be reviewed, before a treatise on various dentin layering approaches to fool the eye and add depth of character. Finishing is a key element in creating undetectable restorations and armamentaria will be specified. What parts of the palatal aspect of upper anteriors is responsible for maximal strain in function and how do we best recreate these areas? How do we address cracks in teeth and how do we know which ones are critical and which ones to leave? How do we use our Diagnodent intraoperatively to help in determining our caries removal end points? How critical is the use of Chlorhexidine in our bonding protocol and what does not using it mean for prognosis? White spots are a practice builder, but how do we know when to use micro abrasion and when it will likely fail? How many cycles of resin infiltration are possible and how do we modify the standard protocol to maximize infiltration success? A discussion of various minimally invasive fixed replacements for anterior missing teeth will be reviewed and the hierarchy of preference.

Learning Objectives:

  • The delegate will review the anatomy behind an invisible direct anterior restoration and tips for shading and material selection to achieve this.
  • The delegate will review ideal spacing of a peg lateral incisor to allow for anatomically correct zenith position and coronal axial angulation.
  • Strain resistance and fracture toughness are two of the key factors allowing for survivability of the intact tooth. Learn how to recreate this with materials available today.
  • Teeth have cracks. Which ones are important and which ones should be dissected? Learn a balanced approach to treatment.
  • Resin infiltration sounds good, but what order should it be implemented. When do we stop? Tips for maximising success will be presented.
  • The missing lateral incisor is emotionally-debilitating for all patients but especially in the formative years of social development. What options allow us the best maintenance of soft and hard tissue structures? What is the preferred sequence of treatment options?