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Dr. Aasma DEH

Mastering Anterior and Posterior Composite Restorations

With Dr. Asmaa Altaie

Live Webinar!

Date: Wednesday 31 July 2024

Time: 6.00pm – 7.00pm AEST (Sydney, Canberra, Melbourne)

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Session Overview:
This webinar is designed to equip dental professionals with the knowledge and techniques needed to achieve predictable results when using direct resin composite materials for anterior and posterior dental restorations. From understanding material selection, bonding, light curing and the nuances of shade matching and tooth anatomy to mastering layering techniques and achieving optimal polish, participants will gain comprehensive insights into every aspect of composite restoration. Through case presentations attendees will gain the knowledge of how to create seamless and long-lasting anterior and posterior restorations using resin composites.

Aims & Objectives:

Attending this webinar offers dental professionals a unique opportunity to elevate their knowledge and confidence in working with composite materials for anterior and posterior restorations. By participating, you’ll gain invaluable insights into the latest techniques and best practices, allowing you to achieve predictable outcomes and deliver exceptional results to your patients. Whether you are looking to enhance your aesthetic capabilities, improve your efficiency in composite placement, or simply stay up-to-date with the latest advancements in dental technology, this webinar provides the knowledge and expertise improve your outcomes in practice.

• Have an update on the development of modern resin composites for anterior and posterior restorations including bulkfil composite.
• Discuss how to produce successful composite build ups to optimise the shape and aesthetics of anterior teeth.
• Discuss factors affecting on the success of composite restorations including modern bonding agents, light curing and modern polishing systems.
• Discuss how to produce posterior composite restorations using Bulkfil composites and using simplified.