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Presented by Dr. Anna Sahafi and Prof. Ian Meyers

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CPD: 1 CPD Hour

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Session Overview:

Composite Restorations, Cleaning Surface Before Placing Rubber Dam:
Thoroughly cleaning the tooth surface before placing a rubber dam ensures optimal bonding and longevity of composite restorations. This webinar will provide clear guidelines and numerous tips and tricks on how to simplify and enhance clinical procedures. Additional topics to be discussed will include;

Use of short fibre reinforced composite:
Short fibre reinforced composite is a versatile dental composite with reinforcing fibers, provides strength and durability for various dental procedures, especially in posterior restorations.

Use of Glass hybrid restorative system:
A glass hybrid restorative material offers high strength, fluoride release, and simplified application for efficient and reliable posterior restorations.

Maintaining the restoration and patient compliance:
Maintenance of the restoration and oral environment is crucial in the longevity of the restorations. Products that aid in remineralising tooth enamel, restorations, promoting strength and reducing decay risk are available for the patients to utilise for long-term oral health benefits.