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Getting Your Patients from Cradle to Dorm Caries Free

Presented by Donna Brogan, RDH, BS

Whether it is an infant battling bacteria passed on from the mother or a stressed college student making poor dietary choices, each stage of life has its own set of threats to oral health. This CE webinar will examine those risks and behaviors as they relate to your patient groups by age, specifically from cradle to dorm. We will use evidence-based risk factors to determine who will benefit from what level of intervention and learn to construct patient-involved strategies that can affect change.

Intervention strategies discussed will include measures to take during pregnancy, after birth, for toddlers, children, teens and recent high school graduates. Participants will hear about proven practice-based treatments such as fluoride varnish and numerous home products that the patient/parent can include in their oral health routine. Getting to adulthood without decay is attainable, it just takes deliberate action at every age.