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Fluoride Varnish and Risk Assessment: Are you Practicing Traditional Dentistry or Evidence-Based Patient Care

Presented by Donna Brogan, RDH, BS

We like to believe that dentistry is an evidence based discipline but in many cases we dental professionals practice by tradition. Research often introduces new products and procedures but humans are creatures of habit. Many procedures we perform daily are carried out in a manner that may not have changed in years; we do things the way we have always done them.

For instance, how do you utilize fluoride varnish in your practice? Is it automatic on a seven year old but rarely used in adults? How do you decide? Research shows that applying fluoride varnish 1-4 times a year dependent upon personalized risk can greatly reduce disease but how do we decide who will benefit? Caries Risk Assessment (CRA) is a tool that has proven to be beneficial in treating patients by their needs. The clinician can determine risk and create an individual tx plan to prevent decay, stop demineralization, eliminate sensitivity, arrest caries, and even reverse the disease process.
This CE webinar is designed to teach you how to quickly assess an individual’s risk level and determine if fluoride varnish is indicated.