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HYFLEX OGSF: Endodontic Shaping Safely and Predictably

With Dr. Bobby Patel

Live Webinar!

Date: 12 September 2024

Time: 6.00pm – 7.00pm AEST (Sydney, Canberra, Melbourne)

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Session Overview:
This webinar will focus on a new instrumentation technique “OGSF” designed to manage canal preparation with safety in mind. This simple protocol is not only fast and reliable but also uses a sequence that can prepare even the most difficult canal both accurately and effortlessly.

Why attend:
This webinar will show clinicians state-of-the-art techniques including orifice opening, glide path management and shaping canals, regardless of their length, diameter, and curvature. Emphasis will be on mechanical and biological objectives required to achieve success. Live patient videos will be used throughout to demonstrate key concepts highlighting practical tips that can be easily transferable to your daily practice.

Key learning objectives:

  • Identify the mechanical and biological objectives for preparing canal
  • Understand how the file design, metallurgy and movement of Hyflex OGSF influences canal preparation
  • Appreciate using live patient videos for key endodontic concepts that can inspire confidence, fun and more predictable results