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Top 10 Diode Laser Procedures (5 PBM and 5 Surgical)

Presented by Dr. Sergio Velasquez

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Date: Thursday 9 May

Time: 8.30pm AEST (Sydney) | 8.00pm ACST (Adelaide) | 6.30pm AWST (Perth) | 10.30pm NZDT (New Zealand)

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CPD: 1 scientific point


This presentation aims to familiarize the dental practitioner with the various day-to-day applications of diode lasers in their practice. The focus will be on analyzing the efficacy of photobiomodulation (PBM) procedures and the positive outcomes they can render for patients. Furthermore, this presentation will examine the unique ways in which diode lasers can enhance dental surgery by significantly reducing bleeding in most cases, using topical anesthetic in over 90% of cases, and reducing recovery times. This presentation will provide an informative and comprehensive overview of the potential impact of diode laser technology in the daily dental practice