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IOWC – Interdentale Online World Congress

Spotlight on: Aesthetic management of demarcated enamel opacities – Science based strategies for your daily practice

On Demand Webinar


Packed with the latest scientific and clinical evidence and the lineup of top-notch international experts in the field, the program covers the following topics:

  • State of the art diagnostics
  • Standard of care for the management of demarcated enamel opacities
  • Management of patients’ expectations
  • Clinical guidance for treatment choices and decision-making
  • Becoming an expert in the field
  • Improving patients’ quality of life

We cordially invite you to dive into the unique experience of the one and a half day Interdentale World Congress and follow outstanding online sessions. Renowned Interdentale speakers from all around the world guide you through the exciting field of developmental defects of enamel.