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DMG – 6 Feb

Minimally invasive approaches in endodontic procedures

Presented by Dr. Gianluca Plotino

Live Webinar!

Date and Time: 7 February 2024 6am – 7.30am AEDT (Sydney) | 6 February 7pm – 8.30pm GMT+1

CPD: 1.5 points


The most recent trends are following the concept of minimally invasive dentistry, proposing more conservative, less expensive and bio-economic treatments. Following these trends, the procedures in endodontics are changing in a conservative way, sometimes drastically if compared with the traditional concepts of access cavity outline opening, coronal straight-line access to reach the apical region and enlargement of root canals.

Dr. Plotino will analyze the technical procedures of minimally invasive endodontics in different clinical situations.

Moreover, the limits of these procedures will be critically analyzed to define how much minimally invasive clinicians should be in order to ensure gold standard endodontic treatments.