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MyLunos- The importance of choosing the correct prophylaxis and treatment modalities to achieve both therapeutic and cosmetic result

Presented by Dr Jana Norkin, DiS

On Demand Webinar!

CPD: 1 CPD Hour

In today’s dental environment, patients frequently ask for improved cosmetic aesthetics during their dental visits. It rests on us to educate and explain to the patient the importance of maintaining dental hygiene and healthy gums in order to achieve greater cosmetic results. It takes patience, clear setting of goals we want to achieve, proper motivation of the patient and much more. There are several techniques in prophylaxis and periodontological treatments which help to proceed with treatment protocol (while reducing discomfort for the patient) and achieve excellent cosmetic results. This webinar will focus on how air-polishing powders can improve dental hygiene treatment for both practitioners and patients, as well as enhance the overall efficiency of the dental chair.

Key Learning Objectives:

  • Understand the chemical differences among various air-polishing powders and their impact on dental hygiene treatment.
  • Explore the physical and pharmacokinetic properties of air-polishing powders and how they affect treatment outcomes.
  • Review case studies from the perspective of a dental hygienist to gain practical insights into the use of air-polishing powders in clinical practice